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Sustainable Construction   Cowans are focused on improving Sustainable Construction. The strategy represents a commitment to work towards a vision of reducing carbon footprint and consumption of natural resources, while creating a safer and stronger industry by training and retaining a skilled and committed workforce. Over the last few years Cowans has been educating its workforce to ensure we achieve our targets. We monitor this via our training plan and matrix with each of our supervisors and managers completing the relevant CITB courses in management or supervision. Our Health, Safety and Environment issues are at the top of our agenda at our fortnightly meetings with progress being monitored via our on-site audits. To deliver our strategy we have devised S.M.A.R.T. targets throughout our business plan with procedures in place to monitor progress. We strive to promote best practice; supply resourceful, efficient, sustainable, resilient design; enhance our capacity to innovate; follow our training plan and work towards investors in people; ensuring waste minimisation from the best option  which is to prevent / eliminate, to reducing, reusing, recycling and only as a lost resort disposing. Our goal is to promote our commitment to Sustainability / Energy Efficiency throughout the supply chain therefore ensuring prosperity and a better world for all.